Gubernatorial GOP candidate Kirk Cox on his run for governor


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Kirk Cox, a 30-year U.S. and Virginia government teacher, 66th district delegate and the 55th Speaker of the Virginia House is running to win the GOP nomination for governor come May 8.

Cox said he’s running to fight back against one-party Democratic control.

“I really felt a passion to run and you know, I’ve run in tough districts, my district is the bluest Republican district in the state. I felt like I could bring Republicans together, and frankly, get a lot of those swing voters which are crucial because of my legislative background, working for a lot of different people,” said Cox. 

Cox is focused on getting small businesses back on their feet, strengthening law enforcement policies to keep the Commonwealth safe, having no tolerance for cancel culture and implementing a plan to make up for student learning loss, to name a few.

“Opening schools is a huge issue, obviously you can imagine as a senior government teacher losing a whole senior year how devastating that is to kids, or if you’re a 3rd-grade intercity kid and you’re six months behind in reading or math, but we have to deal with the learning loss right now,” explained Cox.  

Cox said he has an initiative to discuss tutoring and summer school options to help students get on track. 

He told WDVM he wants to remind Virginians the best things are ahead.

“A good leader, to me, can lead Virginia out of that. Where people will get jobs back, their schools will be open and just their everyday life return much more to normal and that’s my goal,” stated Cox.

Since his campaign announcement, he’s covered a lot of ground across the Commonwealth.

“We’ve been everywhere, we want to reach every Republican voter and give them the message that we can win, we can unite this party and fight back against that one-party Democratic control,” said Cox.  

Cox will be holding meet and greets in Northern Virginia this weekend.

For more information about Cox, click here.

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