George Washington’s office open for one day to celebrate his birthday


To celebrate George Washington’s birthday, the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society opened up his office for a one day open house during their off-season. 

Washington used this office during the French and Indian War while he was building Fort Loudoun at the north end of Winchester. At the time, Washington was only 23-years-old and had just gained command of the Virginia frontier after General Braddock’s army was defeated outside of Pittsburgh. 

“Beyond here you had a couple of isolated settlements, you had small farms. Then you went across the mountains and you had the French coming in along the Ohio River but, that was the European occupation. So this was as far out as the British Empire had gone,” said Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society board member Gene Schultz. 

From April 1 through October 31, Washington’s office will re-open to the public.

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