“Game. Set. Vax” Fairfax County Health Department employee’s newest song release


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va (WDVM) — The Fairfax County Health Department’s staff are getting creative with an important health message which is being conveyed as a hip-hop song.

MC Bugg-Z, also known as Andy Lima, strikes again with his newest hit: “Game. Set. Vax.” Lima paired up with producer Kelton Williams, facilities coordinator with the health department. The main vocals feature Nikka Brown, part of the health department’s outreach team. Williams laid down the beat while Lima rapped and Brown sang the hook.

“That’s the goal with these songs just to make them make the concepts approachable and fun, and people will pick up on the knowledge and a lot of it has public health implications,” said Lima.

His passion for hip-hop stems back to his college days.

“I was just really into listening to a lot of underground hip hop and the lyric lyrics are really the focus of that and intelligent lyricism,” said Lima. “And, you know, staying true to what you know. And so, since what I know is insects or biology, then I just found that it was a really fun way to try to create a way to try to bring scientific information into a form that people would more readily consume.”

Williams was in charge of production and the instrumentals of the song.

“This particular one me and Andy worked together on,” said Williams. “This one, we just kind of, you know, we met each other a couple of years ago and recently found out that we both like making music, and it kind of was just a good marriage with me making the music and and and Andy rapping and then we found a common goal, both working out of the Logistics Section [of the health department]. We knew the vaccine was the end game. So, it just, it just came together.”

Brown chimes in with a reference to the song, reminding Fairfax County residents to share new vaccination status’.

“Like Andy said in the song grab a friend,” said Brown. “Don’t just stop with yourself, make sure you tell everybody about what you’re doing, you know, sometimes you are the biggest push or influencer you know in your circle so don’t forget to tell somebody about when you get your vaccine.”

Watch the full video by clicking here.

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