Frying Pan Farm Park welcomes Hokie, its newest cow, purchased from Virginia Tech

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Just days after arriving in Herndon, Va., black Angus cow Hokie went for a little adventure.

Frying Pan Farm Park Manager Yvonne Johnson says Hokie’s stall was being cleaned when she escaped and jumped over a wagon. She made it to Centreville Road and even to Route 28 before good samaritans cornered her. 

Johnson says Hokie was a little lonely after being placed in quarantine — a routine choice to be sure she was healthy and wouldn’t infect the other seven cows the farm owns.

“She had a five hour trailer ride, she left all the friends she ever knew, she came to a strange place, and we put her in a stall all by herself,” admitted Johnson. “She’s a herd animal and herd animals like company.”

Hokie is out of quarantine and with the herd. On Sunday, the park invited families to come and meet Hokie, who was purchased from Virginia Tech for $2,500. It was the idea of a volunteer, now a student at Virginia Tech, who’s studying agriculture.

Frying Pan Farm Park prides itself on being a living museum, allowing families and children to learn where their food comes from. Johnson says Hokie will be a breeding cow. She’s expecting her first calf this spring.  

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