Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has an overload of child predator cases

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Police say you never know who is on the other side of your child’s internet conversations. 

“My younger daughter was in chat rooms for example. And I was saying you have to know the people that you’re talking to. I mean physically know them. Not just know them from online,” said parent, Max Herde. 

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has an overload of child predator cases and does not have enough man power to handle them. 

“Right now he’s working on 114 and at least one of these cases as over seventy thousand pieces of paperwork,” said Sheriff Lenny Millholland of Frederick County Sheriff’s.

There is currently only one investigator working these cases and Sheriff Millholland has asked the county to help fund two more. 

“It’s constant. I mean we can literally go online everyday and stay busy all day long and into the night just talking back and forth to people who think they are talking to a 12, 13, 14 year old child,” said Millholland. 

A high school student says these are the apps parents should watch out for: “Kik is definitely one of them. A lot of adults, specifically old men, older women tend to use it. Snapchat is also one of them. Instagram is definitely one of them,” said high school student, Anthony Gonzalez.

Max says the key to keeping his kids safe online is communication. 

“We have kind of an open concept if you want to call it that. Just being aware of what they’re doing and being aware that there are things to worry about out there,” said Herde. 

Across the state, Sheriff Millholland says there are about three hundred investigators for these types of cases and they are also struggling with the case overload. 

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