Four men indicted in sophisticated string of burglaries


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Four New York men have been indicted after carrying out roughly 40 burglaries in Fairfax County.

FCPD detectives believe the burglaries begun in October of 2018 and continued through February 2020, robbing homes in multiple areas of Fairfax County.

“We found that these individuals would rent a car, they’d come down to Virginia and they would commit these burglaries, typically when our victims were either out of town or away for the weekend,” said Anthony Guglielmi, director of the FCPD Public Affairs Bureau.

FCPD believes the men would profile their victims since 36 out of the 40 incidents were attacks on Asian and Middle Eastern citizens who were assumed by the burglars to have large amounts of money or valuables.

Sergio Rodriguez Lopez Courtesy: FCPD

The burglars were able to steal $1.6 million in cash and jewelry, but left TV’s and electronics in every home they robbed, creating a pattern for FCPD detectives.

“This group was looking exclusively for cash, they were looking exclusively for jewelry, and they knew, based on their targeting, that these individuals might have that in their homes,” said Guglielmi.

One of the burglar’s, Sergio Rodriguez Lopez, was already held in custody by FCPD, the other three, Jonathan Ceballos Gomez, Juan Rodriguez Lopez, and Jesus Andres Montemiranda are still awaiting arrest.

FCPD is using this indictment as a reminder for families to lock their doors and consider purchasing home surveillance equipment to prevent crime.

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