Fitness class fights Parkinson’s disease

In a quest to overcome their battle with Parkinson’s disease and physical disabilities, participants are overcoming the odds by getting even with an unlikely new therapy.
DPI Adaptive Fitness is taking a punch at Parkinson’s.
These classes are designed to help men and women get their strength back and improve their quality of life.
Their focus is to provide, like the name states, adaptive fitness at any level. Officials said that non-contact boxing trains people with Parkinson’s to be more physically able in hopes to live independently.  
The owner of the center said he has seen an improvement in the participants from the time they walked in to the time they tapped out.
“I see improved confidence; that is probably the biggest thing. I see a lot of smiles coming in. People enjoy coming here. They enjoy the camaraderie of the classes. They enjoy being able to come in and exercise in an environment where no one is looking,” said Devon Palermo, Founder, DPI Adaptive Fitness”.  
Palermo said many of the participants are exceeding expectations, and they are showing creative ways to express themselves.
“Our wall in the gym is called the Wall of Greatness. People strive to hit their challenges and goals, and they put their quotes up on the walls [saying] whatever they want to put. I think that is their biggest contribution or thank you,” said Palermo.

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