FDA issues warning for dog food brands with toxic levels of vitamin D

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The FDA issued a nationwide warning for several dry dog foods that have been recalled for containing toxic levels of vitamin D.  

“The amount of vitamin D that’s in those foods can actually cause kidney failure. So it’s quite concerning to be feeding something that you think is good quality food to your pet and you’re actually harming them,” said Dr. Lauren Taylor of Roseville Veterinary Clinic.

Veterinary professionals recommend sticking to trusted brands.

Dr. Taylor advises dog owners to use foods that are backed by clinical research such as: Science Diet, Iams, Purina and Royal Canine. 

The recalled brands include: Nutrisca, Natural Life, Sportman’s Pride, Triumph, Evolve, and Nature’s Promise among several others. You can find the full list here
“On the back they’ll give you the batch numbers, the date and when it expires. Then you have to go in and you look for the UPC codes and then you look for the batch number, best by date, and the batch number of when it was manufactured and that will tell you if your bag’s been affected,” owner of Posh Pets, Lanette Orduna. 

If you are worried your dog may have been exposed, there are a few symptoms you should look out for.

“Anything from vomiting to lack of appetite to no appetite at all. Increased thirst, increased urination are the biggest symptoms and also weight loss,” said  Dr. Taylor. 

The FDA says their list is still developing and additional recalls could be announced. 

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