Father, mother, daughter trio serves Arlington County Police Department

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33 years ago, Corporal Diane Guenther swore she’d never date another police officer. Police Lieutenant Mark Guenther persuaded her otherwise, and they married a year after they started dating.

Their daughter, Harley, just celebrated two years as an Arlington County police officer.  

“I thought they were rock stars,” said Harley about her parents. “I was very proud but because of the societal outlook on police officers it was one of those things where we kept it to ourselves.” 

Harley says nothing went unsaid in her household. From a young age, she knew the kind of perfection expected of her parents, but she couldn’t stay away from a career for herself.

“Did I want her to go through what a lot of officers in this country are going through? No. Because it is a lot of a different profession than when I first started,” said Corporal Guenther. She says social media and television have heightened the public’s expectations of police officers. Guenther wants to remind people police officers are humans, too.

“Everybody’s got a camera,” said Police Lieutenant Guenther. “Everybody films you with everything that you do, whether you’re doing your job or you’re sitting down eating dinner.”

“This job — there’s nothing like it,” said Harley. “Unfortunately, not a lot of people can understand what we do.”

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