Fairfax parents hope FCPS will commit to reopening plan


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — During Fairfax County Public School’s board meeting last week, superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand presented a new return to school timeline for students.

The new timeline details some students returning to school for two-day hybrid instruction beginning on Feb. 16 with all students phased in by March 16.

One parent-run organization called Open Fairfax County Public Schools has spoken out on social media platforms in response to FCPS’s reopening plans.

In response to the latest timeline, OpenFCPS said, “Providing yet another tentative timeline for a part-time return is only a small step in addressing the significant problems created by poor leadership over the last months.”

WDVM spoke to an OpenFCPS parent who believes FCPS isn’t listening to parents, leading them to go greater lengths to be heard.

“What parents are doing because we feel like we’re not being heard is we’re talking to others; we’re talking to our state senators, we’re talking to our representatives, we’re talking to our federal elected officials, we’re talking to the U.S. Department of Education, and they’re listening,” said Eileen Ma.

In addition to reopening sooner, OpenFCPS hopes the school board will consider allowing students to go back to school for more than two days a week.

“When they do go back, it’s only for a couple of days which leaves the question, what are parents going to do three days a week? So we’re talking even the in the best case scenario, we’re talking about a few kids, going back a few days, and the long term implications of that are very tragic,” said Ma.

OpenFCPS won’t stop until students are back in school for five full days a week, “We have to start talking about getting kids in five days a week. Four days a week doesn’t fit the requirements for 180 days of school per year,” stated Ma.

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