Fairfax County Public Schools will get 8 electric school busses


Dominion Energy officials say this could save Virginia schools $8,400 per year in bus operating costs

HERNDON, Va. (WDVM)– Fairfax County Public Schools will soon add electric school busses to its fleet.

This initiative came about after Fairfax County Public School students protested about conserving the environment. One of the things students wanted were electric school busses.

Peggy Fox, Dominion Energy Media Relations Manager said “It’s the largest launch of electric school buses in the country. We’re starting with 50 electric school buses that will be dispersed across the state. Eight of them will go to Fairfax County.”

These busses will join the county’s current fleet of over 1,000 busses, but officials say they’re striving to say goodbye to diesel fueled busses altogether.

“Do you know that each diesel school bus puts out 54,000 pounds of greenhouse gases? That’s a lot of bad fumes for the environment and also our children. This is going to start cleaning up that part of the process of transporting our children everyday to school,” said Fox.

Bobby Monacella, whose daughter organized the protest for electric busses, said she’s grateful student’s voices were heard.

Monacella said “It’s amazing how the kids in general are banding together to advocate for their future they know their future is in danger, and they know what the things are that need to happen to make it better and they’re directly going to their officials and they’re protesting and they’re asking for what they need.”

Monacella is also apart of a group called Mothers Out Front that advocates for a livable climate. She said FCPS getting electric busses means one less step to bringing the county closer to cleaner air.

“I think that they realize that eight buses, every bus we get on the ground is going to make a difference. It’s going to take greenhouse emissions of the road it’s going to help the air quality so kids with asthma that’s going to help them” said Monacella.

Dominion Energy officials say this could save Virginia schools $8,400 per year in bus operating costs.

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