Fairfax County Police Department holds discussion on policies, use of force


"It's about dealing with those that are having mental episodes, to have our officers and crisis intervention team trained"

FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM)– The Fairfax County Police Department held a “Use of Force” training discussion event. Officials say their mission is to continue to protect the community.

As protest continue nationwide for the demands of justice and the ending of police of brutality. Fairfax County Police Department discussed their polices, procedures, and training materials related to officers use of force.

Chief Edwin Roessler said, “It’s about dealing with those that are having mental episodes, to have our officers and crisis intervention team trained to be able to deescalate and go in and out of situations in accordance with the national decision making model that’s been in place for decades.”

Roessler said recruit basic training is six months long covering performance based objectives that are required from the Commonwealth. However, Roessler said FCPD has their own academy going beyond the minimum time of training.

“Once you are done with recruit training you’re subject to three months of field training, and the rest of your probationary period, but every single police officer has an annual evaluation. There’s medical exams and mandatory mental health checks, and we’re looking at sound, mind, body and soul from our police department employees and volunteers,” said Roessler.

Officials also highlighted the process of day to day decision making. A simulator was used to show what a police officer should do in a certain scenario.

Second Lieutenant Ryan Low said, “When you’re put in front of that simulator you’re going to have to make that split second decision whether to use force or not use force.”

According to FCPD they’re open to constructive criticism from the community about reforms and policies that are in place, so the department can be held accountable for their actions.


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