Fairfax County plans to take legal action against trash collection company


A local solid waste and recycling collection company is under investigation for possibly violating consumer-protection laws after there were hundreds of alleged missed trash pick-ups complaints from residents. 

In a board meeting last week, Fairfax County board of supervisors shared information that led to an investigation of American Disposal Services. 

“There is a national driver shortage, trash companies are feeling that across the country,” Supervisor John Cook said, as he explained how American Disposal Services has failed to comply to the terms of its contract. “The first thing that happened was the yard waste wasn’t getting picked up, now American is in some places only picking up trash one time a week or maybe not at all,” he added.

Cook said the issue is creating a snowball effect of problems in Fairfax County neighborhoods. 

“As the weather gets warm. It starts to stink and animals come, and rodents come and other things will come that’s a health problem,” Cook said.  

According to reports, there’s been 143 missed pick-up complaints against the counties private collection companies since May 1. About 400,00 homes in the county are served by 22 private collection companies. But District Manager, Kevin Edwards, denies any missed pickups on American’s part. 

“There’s just been delays we’ve been getting the customers on a weekly basis. Some of our customers that maybe go Wednesday or Thursday, we’ve rescheduled them to a Saturday. We understand it’s an inconvenience and not ideal to anyone but it allows us to get the material off the ground on a daily basis,” Edwards said. 

Edwards said part of the problem is due to the shortage of workers. As of Wednesday morning, you can see a number of changes to regular services because of those staffing issues.

“There’s a shortage of CDL drivers nationwide, we tried to train our own up into the driver’s seat and we pull that from our labor pool but it’s actually been more difficult recently to get the laborers in as well,” he said 

And despite allegations, he says the company has still be able to keep ahead of the workload. 

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