Fairfax County climate planning goes public


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — The Community-wide Energy and Climate Action Plan, otherwise known as CECAP, was approved by the board last year but is just now going public. 

CECAP is an initiative to get the public motivated to set goals for the county, instead of a top down model. 

“The interesting thing about Fairfax’s climate plan is that the community is setting the goals…we’re really trying to make sure we have as much community engagement as possible” said Maya Dhavale, senior community specialist and environmental planner for Fairfax.

Most emissions are due to our daily habits. 

“More than 95% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Fairfax County come from sources other than government and school operations. So we’re talking about people’s home energy use, business energy use, driving on roads, the way we process our waste” said Ali Althen, PIO for the Office of Environmental & Energy Coordination at Fairfax County.

Residents can do small things to help such as ride the bus or carpool, turn off more lights, check the thermostat and unplug devices that aren’t being used. 

“We have to come together as a community and think about what we want for ourselves and what we want for the county and that can start at home with people making small and simple choices about their use of energy” said Dhavale.

There will be a survey sent out to gauge resident’s daily habits, identifying what small changes each resident can make. 

An online public meeting will be held Thursday with two more public meetings following next week before the CECAP Task Force meetings in late September to vote on goals.

To find out how to attend a public meeting or to take the climate planning survey, please visit the Fairfax County website.

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