Fairfax bans plastic yard waste bags


FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — The Fairfax County board of supervisors voted to formally prohibit plastic bags used for yard waste disposal on Tuesday.

Since February of last year, the county has encouraged residents to stop using plastic bags for their yard waste and switch to compostable paper bags as a more eco-friendly option.

During the meeting, supervisors expressed both the positive and negative impacts of the switch but ultimately agreed on the common factor that switching to paper bags will not only save the county money down the line but also help improve the environment.

Springfield supervisor, Pat Herrity, who voted against the ban, shared many concerns about inconveniences the switch may cause for some residents.

“Many respondents who say they use paper bags, still want the option to use plastic bags for yard waste. As much as we talk about One Fairfax, the impact of this ban is extremely inequitable for older adults and residents living in wooded areas. We’ve heard of the inconvenience, in fact, most of the board members supporting this have mentioned the inconveniences,” said Herrity.

Board chairman, Jeffrey McKay, took offense to Herrity’s comments during the meeting.

“To suggest somehow that someone is being inconvenienced in this case, and somehow that’s against our One Fairfax policy and especially from someone who really doesn’t support that policy, I do take offense at. That is a gross interpretation of what it is,” stated McKay.

After the public hearing and discussion, the board voted and the motion carried 9-1 to prohibit plastic yard waste bags.

For more information about compostable paper bags, click here.

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