Engineering students at Virginia Tech build award-winning autonomous car


The car is doing what you and I do every single day

FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM)– Engineering students got the chance to show off their special project at the autodrive autonomous technology summit.

Mitch Gerhardt, a student at VT said he is apart of a design team challenge across a few different universities all aiming to develop a autonomous car and our car that we have outside is running a few different systems like some of the ones right behind me here so that were able to detect the space around us and move our vehicle according to the environment.

An autonomous car guides itself without human conduction.
“The car is doing what you and I do every single day,” said Gerhardt.

Over 50 students are part of the auto drive challenge where they plan, design, and build the autonomous car provided by chevy bolt electric to convert. The associate professor of mechanical engineering said this is not an easy task.

“It’s a very complicated process of how to fuse lots of data, from the lidar and from the camera as well as from radar we have radar out front. I put that altogether into a package to perceive its environment so that it recognizes pedestrians it recognizes other cars,” according to Al Wick the associate professor of mechanical engineering.

According to the lead professor of auto drive this car will reduce accidents on the road and reduce congestion in cities.

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