Easing pet restrictions in Fairfax County


Starting immediately, people will be allowed to have chinchillas, hedgehogs, and hermit crabs as pets in Fairfax county. 

The pet policy change came from a group of high schoolers from the McLean area who were in support of having animals like hedgehogs as pets.

The people who opposed the argument said that these animals are nocturnal, but the high schoolers countered the argument by saying, most pet owners are working during the day, so the animals could sleep. 
Chairman of Fairfax county, Sharon bulova, says it’s great to see younger people getting involved with politics.

“They had done their research and did a very very good job, a very persuasive job of making their case, so it was refreshing,” said Sharon Bulova, Chairman of Fairfax County board of supervisors.

The policy change was approved unanimously by the board of supervisors. 

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