Director of elections fired days before midterm primary


Just days before Virginia’s midterm primaries, the electoral board in the state’s jurisdiction fired its general registrar.

The Fairfax County Electoral Board formally fired Director of Elections Cameron Sasnett. He was appointed to his position in October 2015 and had 13 months remaining in his four-year term. The chairman of the Fairfax County Electoral Board says their decision to terminate Sasnett was a clash in management.

“We just felt that the way he was managing and running the office was not taking the office in a good direction and thought it could be detrimental to the elections. We don’t think at this point that we are going to see anything which is why we kind of made the decision to stop here. It is difficult to do this, you know, a week and a half prior to a primary,” said Stephen Hunt, the Fairfax County Electoral Board Chairman.

Hunt declined to provide specific details on his termination, saying the action is a personnel matter. Sasnett put out his response on social media, saying he is meeting with a lawyer to discuss next steps in dealing with this decision.

“A small problem here is going to be seen as a huge problem both in its proximity to dc and the fact that when you take that small problem and exacerbate that across this county which has such a huge influence on a Virginia wide vote, we are in the spotlight here and just cannot afford to allow a situation to continue that we see may cause huge problems in the future,” said Hunt.

Hunt says he is confident that voters will not see any issues in the primary election or November’s general election moving forward.

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