County Parks and Recreation Dept. to close kiddy pools

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In an effort to save money, the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Department is closing kiddy pools in 2019.

Department officials say very few young children use the shallow pools at the Sherando and Clearbrook parks during the summer months, estimating between three and four kids use them per day.

The pools are separated from the main adult pools, which requires that the small pools are consistently manned with a separate life guard. It also makes it more difficult for parents who have children of different ages to watch their kids at the same time.

Perhaps as a result, Robertson says most toddlers spend their time in the “beach area,” a shallow ramp entering the main pool where they can still have fun in a safe environment.

Parks and Recreation Director Jason Robertson says it costs about $12,000 a year to run both kiddy pools, money he says can be better spent by the county.

Robertson plans to have the shallow pools filled in and replaced with pavilions to provide shade for patrons. Each 30 square-foot shade structure will cost the county about $15,000 and officials hope to have them built by 2022.

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