Congressional candidate Jennifer Lewis addresses the issues faced by rural communities


Congressional candidate for Virginia’s 6th district, Jennifer Lewis, took a trip out to Front Royal to advocate for those living in rural areas. 

Virginia’s 6th district spans across a large region of Virginia.

“So it goes from Front Royal where we are kind of today, all the way down to Roanoke. And then Lynchburg over to warm springs,” Congressional Candidate for Virginia’s 6th District, Jennifer Lewis.

Lewis is making sure not to forget about those who live in rural areas in the district and the issues that impact them directly. 

“I’m from rural America. I know what it’s like to grow up on a farm and feel like people in the big city and your elected representatives don’t pay attention to you. Never has politician showed up on my family farm to talk to my parents about what it’s like to have a farm,” said Lewis.

“Taking care of the environment is huge for us. There are a lot of rural folks that depend on the land. We’re hoping to spread that awareness,” said Chair of Warren County Democratic Committee, Steve Foreman. 

The opioid crisis also has a significant impact on rural areas and as a mental health worker, Lewis is working to combat it.

“I’ve got a nephew who is addicted to opioids I can’t tell you how many times we’ve nearly lost him. It’s just heartbreaking to see what my sister has gone through,” said Warren County Resident, Rea Howard. 

Another important issue that Lewis’ campaign is based on is pushing back against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipeline. 

“It’s so important to me personally to reach out to the rural folks of our district to let them know, I see you, I want to hear from you and I care about you,” said Lewis. 
Lewis says she believes that addressing the needs of rural communities is a bi-partisan issue and she’s making an extra effort to reach to those who felt ignored by elected officials in the past. 

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