City council members, city officials talk Micron smell

Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish met with concerned residents of Sandy Court

MANASSAS, Va. - Saturday morning, Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish, along with city council members and the deputy city manager, met with concerned residents of Sandy Court to mill over possible solutions to the chemical smell wafting from a nearby man-made pond.

Residents have likened the smell to rotting eggs. 

According to Deputy City Manager Bryan Foster, the city is using aeration methods on the pond, and plans to drain it and reline it once the rainy season subsides. The city has used these methods in the past -- Sandy Court residents have been reporting the smell for about a decade.

Foster was not deputy city manager in 2014, when some residents say the smell was at its worst. He's been tasked with recruiting an outside contractor to determine where the smell is coming from, and the best ways to mitigate it.

The mayor says the residents' message has been heard, while Sandy Court waits to see if this is another promise to be broken.

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