Budget may allow the elimination of more trailers in Prince William County

The Prince William County School Board unanimously agreed to a  $1.5 billion budget for next school year, but their plan to eliminate trailers from schools is still unclear.
The school board has a $174 million plan over a ten year span as a part of the Capital Improvement Plan to get rid of 200 trailers in the county. However, the county says that nothing will happen until the school board and board of supervisors figure out where that money will come from, but  counyt Chairman-at-large, Corey Stewart, says that the money to fund new elementary schools will help with county’s overcrowding problem.
“We are always going to have trailers as the county continues to grow and we keep building new schools, but it is something that we would like to do, that is, put the kids all in a school building rather than having some of them taking their classes in trailers,” said Corey Stewart, Chairman of Prince William County.
Prince William County will approved the final budget on April 30th.

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