Berryville police department warns of new scam impersonating its officers

This scam is just the latest in a summer of deceit

BERRYVILLE, Va. - The Berryville Police Department warns residents of a new scam, which scammers are impersonating police officers.

Like scams before it, the latest scam instructs the victim to buy money transfer cards to avoid arrest. But this time, say police, scammers are "cloning" the Berryville department's number, making it look like the call is coming from the police.

The cloning technique could potentially confuse victims who receive a call from a real number associated with the police, while a criminal on the line says they're from the department.

"Anytime they're asking for that information and you do not know who is on the other end, even though they're purporting to be with the government, the police department, IRS, any of those agencies," said Berryville police chief Neal White. "It sounds good, but it's not true."

White says so far, two people have reported the calls to the police, but it's unclear how many people have been targeted.

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