Ballston Pond Project will construct largest wetland in Arlington County


Watershed Outreach Manager, Aileen Winquist, calls the Ballston Pond Project Arlington County’s biggest impact project of its Stormwater Management Program. 

Wednesday night, the county revealed its plans to the public in a community meeting. Winquist says the project is set to start in the fall of 2019, with plans to finish nine months later.

The Arlington County Department of Environmental Services will transform the dry pond, built in 1980 to collect runoff from I-66, into the largest wetland in the county.

“It’s in a very highly urban environment,” said Winquist. “People really cherished this little bit of nature and this beautiful space in this very developed, urban area.” 

While the pond is still a functioning site for runoff, it doesn’t filter or clean it. 

The water quality will improve as plants will filter the water and two litter-control devices will filter out trash.

“It will have something called a water goat, where the water flows into the pond, which is basically like a floating net-type of feature,” said Winquist. “And then it has a trash rack at the outflow so those two devices will collect trash and will be maintained regularly to remove the litter.” 

The project will cost an estimated $5 million.

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