Arlington residents speak out against idea of cutting down 114-foot Redwood tree

Arlington, Va. - Residents in Northwest Arlington are going out on a limb to save a 114-foot tree.

The Dawn Redwood Tree, recognized as a state recognized champion, sits on the 3200 block of North Ohio street. Developer, Richmond Custom Homes, is planning to remove the home that sits behind the tree, subdivide the lot it's on, and build two homes in it's place. The plans would mean chopping down several trees including the redwood, which is one of the largest of its kind.

"There are not many in the country and one of this size and stature is considered a real sense of pride not just for Arlington and Virginia but the whole country," said Kit Norland, member of the Williamsburg Civic Association.

"We bought this house about 18 years ago and one of the reasons we bought it was because we thought it was a beautiful community. Beautiful in the sense that we had mainly small houses but we had many more trees," said Angela Dickey, Co-Founder of Arlington Tree Action. "The ambiance, the character, the history of the neighborhood is kind of summed up in that section of Ohio but in particular that tree," she added. 

We reached out to the developers of the property but did not get a response.

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