Americans spend billions on chocolate for Valentine’s Day


Chocolate is enjoyed by many and the National Confectioners Association says that on Valentine’s Day, about 90 percent of people will give or receive chocolate as a gift. 

“I definitely think chocolate’s a staple. I normally will think that it’s unnecessary until the moment that I want it and then nothing else is more necessary,” said self-proclaimed chocoholic Mariel Sachman. 

During Winchester Annual Chocolate Escape, local shops with a heart balloon outfront invite guests in for chocolate treats. 

“So we’re doing a truffle and wine pairing here at Kindred Pointe today. If you want to get a two pack or eight pack or 12 pack of our truffles we can absolutely help you pair your truffles with maybe a bottle of wine,” said Kindred Pointe operations manager Debi Osborne.

Compass West Reality has participated in chocolate escape for the past three years and they have one signature snack. 

“We decided to do chocolate covered bacon. We did ten pounds and it went in about an hour last year so we did 20 pounds this year,” said realtor Nate Crandell. 

The National Retail Federation expects Americans to spend 1.8 billion dollars on chocolate and candy this valentine’s day. 

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