Amazon delivers Christmas trees but tree farms are still a tradition for some

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Everyone has their own idea of the perfect Christmas tree. Some take their artificial tree out of the box each year while others pick out a tree at a Christmas tree farm — load it on top of their car and maintain it throughout the holiday season

“They’ll bring it up here and then we’ll shake it out, get all the needles out, and then we’ll bale it so that when they put it on their car its easy to move and take it in the house,” Ryan Clouse of Clause Tree Farm said. 

Clouse has worked at Clouse Tree Farm in Winchester since 1977 and says picking out a Christmas tree is a tradition people love. 

 “They want to have something with their friends, with their family for many years to come and it’s not always about the stuff that you have, but what you remember from those times of past, that’s why we say coming to a local farm. You’ll have those lasting memories,” Clouse said.

He says the Christmas tree industry is ever changing. Some years, it seems fake pre-decorated trees are more popular.

‘When we look at Christmas trees themselves, the real trees, we think of it as providing oxygen for the environment and soaking up a lot of carbon,” he said.

 And this year, another change in the industry: Amazon will be selling and shipping actual Christmas trees, but that could have its issues as well because once you cut your tree on the farm, the clock is running.

“Making sure that they are well hydrated when you get them there, because it is something that when you get them in warm condition, in your house per say, opposed to when they’re in a cool outside environment.” he says. 

So when it comes to a perfect tree and how you get it, Clouse says, it doesn’t get any better than visiting a Christmas tree farm, to pick out a tree that’s perfect for you and your family. 

“Its just a whole different experience, coming to a farm, feeling the great outdoors and seeing the sights and sounds that a lot of folks have just never seen, and we find that once folks have that opportunity, folks want to get into it,” he said.

Amazon says trees purchased on the sight will be sent within 10 days of being cut down.

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