A local woman organizes contactless cookie exchange


RESTON, Va. (WDVM) — A local woman in Reston, Virginia has found a way to spread holiday joy this year, just a little bit differently.

Jones’ cookies last year. Courtesy: Mary Jones

Mary Jones is organizing a contactless cookie exchange, something she has always loved doing previously but has to do with caution this year.

Jones will collect cookies from neighbors in the Reston area and deliver them to everyone’s mailbox who participates in the cookie exchange. She told WDVM she’s even going to toss in a few handsewn masks into each bag of cookies to help the community stay safe.

“My big goal is connection, that is my goal for the holidays. I think that we need that now more than ever. You know, I live alone, I know a lot of people my age and even younger who live alone, and we miss that,” said Jones.

Jones is encouraging cookie exchangers to take precautions while baking. According to the CDC, there is a very low risk of spreading COVID-19 from food products and packaging since the virus is typically spread from person-to-person contact.

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