275th Birthday of Fairfax celebrated on Saturday


As the scene of the first land battle of the civil war, and home to president George Washington, the history behind Fairfax is timeless. Saturday the city celebrates a special birthday: and there are too many candles to count. 

“History is, particularly interesting to some people. And I suppose in some small way, I represent some link with the past, ” says Nicholas Fairfax, the 14th lord of Fairfax. 

The 14th lord of Fairfax represents the man who gave the city it’s name.Traveling all the way from England to walk the land attributed to him.

“I doubt very much that the original lord Fairfax, who controlled over 5 million acres of land here in northern Virginia, could have possibly conceived, what this would have evolved to,” says Gerry Connolly, congressman of the 11th congressional district. 

And who can forget the founding fathers. 

“275 years means that George Washington was about 10 years old when Fairfax county was founded,” says  Dan Storck, the Mr. Vernon representative from the Fairfax county board of supervisors. 

“I was asked to portray a younger Washington at the event today. And hugely important because he’s not only the first citizen of the United States of America, but then the first citizen of Fairfax county,” says Brian Hilton, the George Washington impersonator for the event. 

Leaders of the county express the pride they feel for the part they have played, in their service.

“This is our 275th anniversary, as well as the county’s. We are proud to be a part of the history,” says Stacey Kincaid, the sheriff of Fairfax county. 

“As the congressman who represents this district, I have the privilege of representing this educated, affluent, involved, polyglot that is Fairfax county and northern Virginia,” says Connolly. 

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