Virginia sits at the top as the #1 state for business in 2019


This is Virginia's 4th time in 13 years ranked as the number one state for business.

FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM)– The results are in and Virginia is coming in as the number one state for business in the entire country.

For the past 13 years, CNBC has been ranking the states in the country on a scale weighing 10 categories, some included workforce, economy, quality of life and cost of doing business. CNBC went on to say with Amazon HQ2 coming to the state, things will only get better. The city of Fairfax’s director of economic development says the state has done a lot of good to help bring business. 

“The Governor over the last year passed a number of bills that ultimately resulted in a 25% reduction in business regulation, but then there are other factors that go into this as well. The quality of life in Virginia just far outpaces most, if not all other states in the country. There is an incredible workforce here,” said Chris Bruno, City of Fairfax director of economic development.

Rankings for other states in the region like Pennsylvania come in at 28, Maryland at 31, and West Virginia at 45. 

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