Veterans read to students at the Frederick Goddard School, students pack food bags for the homeless


It started with story time with a Veteran…

“We’re pretty well known in active duty or in the reserves as  the ones who’s going out to fight for the country…we’re helping our fellow sailors and marines; but when we go back to our communities we tend to loose our connection there, so as veterans we continue to do this and be apart of our
Community,” said U.S. Veteran, Selina Danis.

Then, the Pre-K and kindergartners stuffed more than 200 bags with food, and hygiene products for homeless veterans.

“So they can take a go-to bag if they’re going to look for a job, or at lunch…it’s something for them to eat,” said owner of The Frederick Goddard School, Sheeba Mathew.

This is the first year they tried something like this. Goddard School officials say they are grooming the kids for a bright future, by teaching them the gift of giving.

“We want the kids to learn kindness, because if you teach kindness at this age the you’ll help them grow into a better home life. Research shows that they’ll have a better social life…they will be better in their careers, and have a better future. We want to start at this age to show them kindness,” Said Mathew.

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