(WDVM) — Kentucky’s new abortion law has forced the state’s last, two remaining abortion clinics to shut down.

The law, which was passed on Wednesday, went into effect the same evening, thanks to an ‘Emergency Provision’ that was added to the bill by Republican lawmakers. The legislation bans abortions after 15 weeks and requires clinics to report patient information to the state, a measure, that abortion rights groups said violates patient privacy laws.

Anti-Abortion proponents and lawmakers claim that the new policy will provide better protection for women and offer more oversight on abortion medication, which counts for half of all abortions performed within the state.

Abortion Right activists and Planned Parenthood, who owns the last two clinics to be shut down in Kentucky, said it’s an attempt to ban abortions in the state altogether.

The two abortion clinics, filed a lawsuit on Thursday, asking a Federal Judge for a temporary injunction on the law, while the case is disputed in court.

The plaintiffs argue that the new mandate has made it “nearly impossible” for abortion clinics in the state of Kentucky to remain open, resulting in what they claim is an ‘unconstitutional ban’ on abortions within the state.