UPDATE: Leaders in greater Washington, D.C. use regional appeal for Amazon


Jurisdictions across the country are putting on their best face, as they continue to vie for the coveted spot of home to Amazon’s second headquarters, nicknamed HQ2, a $5 billion project expected to bring 50,000 new jobs to the area.

The open application process has pitted more than five jurisdictions in the greater Washington, D.C. area against each other, at least four of which fall in Maryland.

As Maryland Governor Larry Hogan pushes for Port Covington and other local leaders for Howard, Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, most will admit HQ2 landing anywhere in the D.C. region would be a score for their constituents.

“The truth is that all of us would benefit if in fact the region wins in this competition,” said Roger Berliner, President, Montgomery County Council. “Even if it weren’t in Montgomery County, with 50,000 new jobs, I’m willing to roll the dice that we get a few people of those people living in Montgomery County.”

Initially, Berliner proposed to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to submit one RFP, or request for proposal, to Amazon with numerous appendixes for each jurisdiction.

“At the end of the day, Northern Virginians and other jurisdictions got nervous about that approach as though as it would prejudice them in some way,” Berliner said.

So now, each jurisdiction will submit its own RFP but append an additional piece advocating for the D.C. region in general.

Each bid must be submitted by Oct. 19.

The retail giant said it will select HQ2’s location sometime next year.

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