UPDATE: Garage Rehab TV host to expand business in Maryland

The local Owner of Eurotech Classics, Chris Stephens, is celebrating the debut of his hit show Garage Rehab on the Discovery Channel.
Stephens was selected out of hundreds of applicants to host the national reality television show about redeveloping garages to make them more efficient.
The shop, which is based out of Thurmont, will soon expand since business has picked up since the shows aired.
Stephens plans to expand his car show room. He said he’s been getting a great deal of local responses since they’ve advertised the show.
Garage Rehab’s series premiere is set to air tonight at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.
A Maryland native is a host a show on the Discovery Channel called Garage Rehab.
Chris Stephens started playing with toy cars as a young boy before building them, then he finally opened his own garage, Eurotech Classics, in Thurmont.
“I watched my father. He would build really cool, interesting European cars. [I am] following in my brother’s footsteps, because he was always into old BMWs and Porsches” said Stephens.
He’s owned the garage for 15 years now, and Chris works on all styles of European cars which will soon gain national exposure.
“I am building the garage with a big team of people. We have Richard Rawlings from the show Gas Monkey Garage [and] his hit show Fast and Loud, which has already been on the Discovery Channel,” said Stephens.
He goes from garage to garage around the country to help shop owners revamp their garages.
“Being a shop owner myself for almost 15 years, I want to make sure that I will still make them the money, tell them how to run the business and design the shop for the best workflow possible,” said Stephens.
Although he’s gone national, Stephens still has a ton of local support.
“We always thought our concept could translate to something with television, and I think that’s probably where it started. When we found this opportunity, I think it was a great fit for Chris, especially with his personality” said Mark Stephens, Co-Owner, Eurotech Classics.
Eurotech Classics will continue to run as usual, and the owners said there may be plans to expand in the near future.
Garage Rehab debuts Aug. 30 at 10 p.m.

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