U.S. Senate candidate visits Hagerstown on Sunday


“I got to tell you…most people feel like a gay Republican is better than a straight Democrat.”

On Sunday, U.S. Senate candidate Chrys Kefalas visited Hagerstown in hopes of winning over voters for the upcoming elections.

“In this race, there is only one Republican who can beat Donna Edwards or Chris Van Hollen – and that’s me,” he said.

Kefalas is an openly gay Republican running for Barbara Mikulski’s seat representing Maryland in the Senate, and said that being gay hasn’t really hurt him during his campaigning.

“I don’t hear that on the campaign trail as an issue at all,” he said. “I hear about jobs, taxes are too high, regulations are burdensome. Those are the issues that I am focusing on.”

He feels that his unique background gives him a better chance at winning.

“I have a background working for the nation’s manufacturer,” Kefalas said. “I know how to create a job, I am head of payroll and that enables me to be successful.”

Kefalas believes that being different will help him stand out in the upcoming elections.

“Voters have a choice on Tuesday – they can elect an entrenched politician, or someone new, different and better positioned to create jobs, build opportunity and make Maryland a safer place than it is today,” he added.

Kefalas was the youngest attorney to ever serve as deputy legal counsel to the governor of Maryland, which at the time was Robert Ehrlich, Jr.

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