Two men break into abandoned mall and upload video of destruction online


The next morning, the Frederick Police Department tweeted back

FREDERICK, Md (WDVM) — Two young men were called out by police on social media after posting a video of themselves breaking and entering into an abandoned mall, and destroying property.

The video was posted on Twitter Sunday and shows the two men heading into the boarded-up Frederick Towne Mall and then breaking lights and glass found inside.

The Frederick Police Department responded Monday morning to the tweet thanking the suspects for posting the video and making it “easier for us to identify who committed the breaking and entering and destruction of property.”

Police say this isn’t the first time suspects have shared their crimes online.

“We always still find it a little amazing that people post videos like that, that are actual criminal acts. In this case, it worked out great because we were able to identify them probably within about 15 minutes,” explained Michele Bowman with the Frederick Police Department.

Bowman says owners of the property will not press charges, but police warn you to think twice before breaking and entering.

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