Twin sisters give birth one hour apart


Welcome to the world, Candra Thao and Nadalie Xiong.

The babies were born on the same night, Sunday, November 4. One hour apart.

They’ll share birthdays, just like their mommies: twin sisters Bao Nhia Yang and Bao Kou Yang.

Bao Nhia’s baby weighed seven pounds and three ounces, while Bao Kou’s weighed seven pounds exactly.

But the 23-year-old sisters never thought they’d go into labor together.

“I started having like, I started spotting, so I think, I knew that I was going to be in labor. And then I told her, and she was like I’m having pain here and there too. I might be in there with you, too,” said Bao Kou Yang. 

Laura Schleicher is the nurse who helped deliver the babies.

She’s been at Community Regional Medical Center for more than 18 years and says she’s never seen twin sisters give birth on the same day.

“Really, all I did was deliver them. I didn’t facilitate it or make it happen in any way. They just had great timing, very unique timing,” said Schelicher.

The Yang sisters say it’s a dream come true to have daughters together. Though they don’t think their babies look alike. 

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