Trump campaign rally delayed for hours


Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters came to a rally in Leesburg. Some hiked miles on dark windy roads only to be turned away by officials after the Loudon County Fairgrounds reached its full capacity.

Supporters waited for hours on end. Doors opened at 6:30 p.m., but Trump didn’t make his debut until after midnight.

Paul Desjardins and his 3-year-old son had been waiting outside in the cold for over an hour. He says it’s critical for him to represent his political beliefs.

“I think we need to stay to show the support, even if we can’t go in, I think we should all stay to support him. Look at all the hard work he’s- what he’s gone through with the media and I think he gives more than 100 and ten percent, so we should too.” said Paul Desjardins, first-time voter.

Donald Trump visited five states by Sunday evening. Virginia being his fifth, he hopes to turn the state red the day before the presidential election.

Building a wall along the border and bringing back jobs were two of Trump’s trademark remarks in his speech late Sunday. Trump says Hillary Clinton plans to increase the cost of the affordable care act, which Trump says he’s against.

“I’m asking for your vote so we can together repeal and replace Obama care, and save health care, for every family in Virginia and the United States,” said Donald trump, presidential candidate.

As for why he was late, all trump had to say was…

“What time is it? We’ll call this the midnight special speech,” Trump said.

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