Tree snaps, knocks out power and crushes car


BETHESDA, Md. (WDVM) – A loud snap, a crack and a rumble that shook the entire block. That’s how one Westbard Ave resident described the tree snapping just before noon Thursday.

Neighbors think the old age of the tree, combined with recent wind gusts and rain, are to blame for the snap.

“I looked out over the fence, I see not only the tree, but the power lines are down, and my immediate thought is to look and see if anyone was injured,” said resident Scott Greenberg.

No one was hurt and the only property damage is to a car trapped under the tree and the power lines caught in the tree’s branches.

Greenberg says he knew this particular tree among others on the street were cause for concern. He says he’s made the county aware of this issue before.

“Some of these Silver Oaks are over 40 years old and the root structure has deteriorated,” he said. “Wires and trees do not mix.”

Greenberg says other neighbors are worried about the structural integrity of their trees.

“Hopefully the county and Pepco will step up and listen to us and get on the tree issue, and not just prune here and there, that is not going to solve the issue. These trees have lived out their lives and they are disasters waiting to happen,” he said.

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