Tips for staying safe when you exercise outside during the summer


Exercising in the heat

Hagerstown, Md. (WDVM) — At Fitness Revolution you may see Chad Smith working with clients. On Thursday, he took Dawn Baltimore outside for her exercise. He tells Baltimore and others it’s crucial to hydrate when you workout outside.

“Well, you definitely want to hydrate before your exercise, during and also after,” said Smith who owns Fitness Revolution.

Baltimore did just that multiple times during her exercise. There are some people who prefer sports drinks, compared to water, but Baltimore says you need a good mixture of both.

“The sports drinks can give you some energy, but it doesn’t replace actually drinking water, so I think drinking water is important, so if I do drink a sports drink, I’ll follow up with water,” said Baltimore.

The clothing you wear is also important, especially when the sun is beaming hot in the sky.

“In the sun you want to wear something light as well because if you have on black, a darker color, it’s going to make you more warm,” said Baltimore

Every Thursday in Hagerstown the Cat 6 cycling group rides together. Their riders do their part to dress properly and hydrate for their rides. Thomas Dahbura with the group says it’s important to make sure you don’t overhydrate.

“You can drink too much water and lose a lot of your salt and create a lot of problems down the road. You definitely want a nice mixture of electrolytes, sugar and water,” said Dahbura.

Dahbura added that if you look at your urine, you can gauge whether or not you need more water.

“If your urinating and it’s a dark yellow, brown is even worse, really bad that’ll tell you whether you need to pick up your hydration,” said Dahbura.

This website has more information on what you can do to stay safe when you workout outside:

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