Tibetan monks are on campus to share their culture with students, Frostburg community

Frostburg State University has some special visitors this week.
Tibetan monks are on the campus to share their culture with the students and community.
“The use of color is beautiful. I really admire it,” House Curtis, an art senior at Frostburg State University, said.
That’s how students at Frostburg State University described Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery creating a mandala in their library.
“I feel honored to be able to share our traditional painting, the arts and performances here” Geshe Logan, a Tibetan monk, said.
A mandala is a geometric figure made with colorful grains of sand used as a symbol to represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism.
“We learned about the mandala, but its totally different to see it in person,” said Ryan Hoston, an art senior at Frostburg State University.
Monks will work through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., as they put their masterpiece together completely from memory. They said it’s a test of mindfulness, teamwork and patience.
“They might pick up the wrong sand or go with something not required over there. It is very tiny [and] very intricate,” Logan said.
The monks said they are inspiring art students to slow down their own process.
“I think [about] the time and dedication to my artwork. This just inspires me to sit down and work on a piece for maybe more than a minute at a time,” said Ryan Hoston, an art senior at Frostburg State University.
”It inspires me to learn the world, different artworks and different styles of art,” Curtis said.
At the closing ceremony Thursday, the monks will take apart the product of their long week of work.
“Nothing lasts forever. We have to impress that in our day-to-day lives so that we can lead a happier life,” Logan said.
Monks said it is a basic foundation of Buddhism.
Their final ceremony will be at noon.

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