An industry that is growing in Frederick County, locals in Frederick, Md., will be seeing more distilleries.

The second distillery in the city of Frederick and the third in Frederick County, it just the beginning of the distillery industry for Frederick.

“Around the time, when I started to realize there were a lot of us opening at the same time, I sort of thought, well why do not we all get to know each other and become friends and colleagues and work together rather than be competitive,” Monica Pearce, co-owner/partner, Tenth Ward’s Distilling Company, said.

Within the next year, six other businesses will be opening, which led Pearce to start the Frederick Distillery Association.

“We actually meet every other month and we have also invited the economic development department of the city and county, tourism, and a few other local entities,” Pearce said.

The joining of both Frederick officials and the association is to promote events or help with local and state legislature.

“I have seen a lot of positive, productivity, toward our businesses just in us being collaborative because we are sort of starting our own distillery trail in Frederick,” Pearce said.

Many people can get confused between a brewery, winery, and a distillery; but at Tenth Ward’s Distilling Company, you will find all three.

“Breweries will take grain, most of the time barley sometime rye and other turn it into beer, so we sort of do both of those, but then we take that beer and wine and then distil it into whiskey and brandy,” Kyle Pfalzer, co-owner/partner, Tenth Ward’s Distilling Company, said.

At the end of the day, instead of being competitors, they call it a partnership for Frederick County.

“The more distillery there are here, the more people are going to come to Frederick to see us and so rather than seeing it as competition, it is more like the more of us there are, the better,” Pfalzer said.

Frederick officials and the Frederick Distillery Association are currently working on a press tour that will be coming to Frederick next year.