Summer boating at Seneca Creek State Park


It’s finally summertime and that means people want to spend time outdoors.

Starting Wednesday, Seneca Creek State Park is offering boat rentals and fishing gear five days a week.

Some locals were especially eager to enjoy the water.

“I love to kayak, it’s really simple and easy,” Jeanne Richter, park visitor.  “And coming here is amazing because you just rent the kayak, and they launch you. They have this wonderful launch system.  It’s worth the rental price.”

Boats cost between 8 to 12 dollars an hour, depending on the type.

And if you’re planning ahead of time, note that these prices are not listed on the park’s website.

No motorboats are allowed but you can bring your own kayak and if you don’t have one – don’t worry – you can pick between kayak, canoe, or even a pedal boat rentals.

The park allows all ages to ride as long as a driver’s license can be provided for the boat rental.

“I like to do things that are physically active, and this is a nice change from running and biking and so on,” said John Smith, park visitor.

“It’s gorgeous, there’s turtles, there’s fish, there’s all kinds of things to look at,” said Richter.

While coming to Seneca Creek State Park is all about having fun, it’s important to remember that while riding any boat, you should be cautious.

“It’s not so much the motor boats as it is the kayaks and things that we go out for the rescue for,” said Brian Luger, Master Firefighter Paramedic.

Officials advise swimmers to take precautions around water.

“If it says do not enter the water, don’t enter the water,” said Luger.  “Second tip, is if you’re gonna be out on the water, make sure everybody on the boat has a life safety vest.”

And if you’re having too much fun and your boat over turns, do not panic — local paramedics say stay by your boat as you wait for help.

The State Park hosts events throughout the summer, which you can find on the Department of Natural Resources’ website.

The Clopper Lake Boat Center is open Wednesday through Sunday.

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