Summer allergies


It’s no secret that the summer season brings warmer weather. But, it also brings summer allergies.

Doctors at Family Healthcare of Hagerstown say starting in August ragweed is the most common allergen that is going to cause problems for many people.

Dr. Martha Riggle says in addition to ragweed, you have to watch out for allergens such as wormwood and English plantain. She believes Claritin and Allegra can help alleviate the congestion, but she also recommends that people simply wash their hands.

“When you’re outside and you coming in, washing your arms, maybe even washing your face some gets pollens of your body, so it doesn’t create more problems down the line,” said Dr. Riggle.

Dr. Martha Riggle says just the change of the weather in itself can cause changes in the body such as coughing or feeling congested.

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