Studies say quitting smoking is the hardest New Years resolution to keep


While some people start out strong with their New Year’s resolutions, a study from the Royal Society for Public Heath says it’s not so easy when people are trying to quit smoking.

According to the study from 2016, quitting smoking is one of the top ten resolutions but only three out of five people were able to stick with it by the end of January.

Out of the participants who were trying to kick the habit, only 13 percent were able to make it into 2017 smoke free.

Experts say the biggest challenges smokers face when trying to quit are the temptations, and the physical and psychological addiction to nicotine. The best advice they say they can give is to keep trying, even if you fail.

“There are options for people who want to quite. There are many different methods to quitting. Most individuals who do quit, manage to do so on their own but again as I say its only after many, many attempts,” said the Public Information Officer for the Washington County Health department, Rod MacRae.

The Washington County Health Department provides smoking sensation classes to help people who are trying to quit.

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