A part of the Warm Springs Intermediate School’s Character Education Program, children at the school are getting a hands-on experience about positive core values.
“If they see someone who fell down, they go over (and say,) ‘Let me help you.’ Then, [they] go over to the teacher saying, ‘I just showed kindness by helping another student!’” said Lorie Faith, Teacher, Warm Springs Intermediate School.
This week, the students learned about being responsible, but instead of learning out of your traditional text book, they took a familiar song and turned it into a music video.
“I see them at Food Lion, [like] Miss Hott. We are being responsible. I see them at football games. We are being responsible. They’re so happy to share what they know about being responsible,” said Angie Hott, Character Education Program, Coordinator.  
Teachers with program believe using a song is not only catchy enough for students to remember but also gives them the motivation they need in the classroom.
“A student’s social and emotional well being needs to be ready in order to do academics, so this supports that program where they can be ready to do math, spelling and all that other stuff to help them succeed,” Hott stated.
According to school officials, since the program began they have seen a huge difference in student behavior compared to last year.