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Cooler weather is just around the corner. For families who are looking to save on their utility bills, or those who are trying to reduce their energy consumption, a local Frederick company is offering a simple solution to do both.

Mosaic power is a local company in Frederick founded in 2012. The power company focuses on conserving electricity on a grid-wide level while paying people to participate in the program.  Mosaic offers devices that helps reduce the level of wasted energy and saves families money.

“One of the things that’s not common that’s not overly easy to understand is that when electricity is created it has to be used. There is no place to store it in great quantity on the electric grid. We’re working on that,” said Laura Vaudreuil, CEO and president of mosaic power.

A small box is attached to the water heater. The box controls the energy being used in the house that allows minute-by-minute control of electricity use instead of paying more at peak times.

“I have seven children. I don’t want to be told I can’t do laundry at night because the electricity is too expensive. Now, if my water heater didn’t run for an hour at seven o’clock at night that’s a lot easier to deal with,” said Vaudreuil.

Over the last few years the company has grown a lot. Mosaic Power went from four hundred boxes last year to five thousand all across the Mid-Atlantic region.

“It’s exciting to see something that can unite both clean energy and quality affordable housing,” said Danny Chiotos, sales and marketing director.

The product is available to people across the Mid-Atlantic living in multi-family homes with four untis or more. Company officials say it has been especially beneficial to lower income families and multi-family homes because it’s a no-cost way to lower their energy footprint. 

“We came in and put controllers on their water heaters and my husband came home with tears in his eyes because every time their lights would turn on in their controllers the tenants would cheer,” said Vaudreuil.

Officials say they have plans to expand mosaic power even more, including to other parts of the country.

Editor’s Note: We received this follow-up quotes after this story was published:

Benefits of increased efficiency are seen grid-wide, which makes it way down to the consumer, but not in a direct path where people would see their electric bills reduced directly by installing load controllers,” said Danny Chiotos, sales and marketing director. 

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