St. Joseph’s School students distinguish themselves in science, engineering and social studies


MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — Talk about West Virginia middle school students with a great future! Meet the St. Joseph’s School winners of the science and engineering competition and social studies fair.

To those at St. Joseph’s, it might not be such a surprise to have so many students excel in academic competition.

Brandi Farmer is a St. Joseph’s School science teacher and says that her students “always put extra effort in everything that they do. I’m so proud of them.”

Ryan Cascio, a St. Joseph School social studies teacher, said, “Their presentation, their public speaking, their… everything about their presentation – just really stood out.”

Research such as Jack Allen’s on the influence of TV ads on presidential campaigns stood out to judges as well.

“My work centered on how ads either affected the candidate and their election or if it helped them or if it didn’t,” said Jack.

Student Lorna Cramaro-Foulkes reached the conclusion that coal is important to West Virginia.

“Coal helps to raise the economy and it helps socially with many more jobs,” said Lorna.

There were also science superstars who drew award-winning conclusions from experiments on sound, and the cost-efficiencies of recycled materials.

“I used my phone and got an app that detects the sound waves that come out of the box,” explained Cora Farmer.

Colleen Power did a project on sound perception; she said, “It would be like an audio illusion basically.”

Allison McDonald, another student, concluded that “a lot of recycled materials are better for the environment but it will also cost more.”

For these academic superstars it’s off to high school, college and then making their mark in great professions. These students had the additional challenge this semester of competing virtually because of the pandemic.

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