Shots fired at Dual Highway Hampton Inn leads to assault charges


A California man was arrested and charged with multiple counts of first and second-degree assault following shots that were fired at the Dual Highway Hampton Inn on Monday evening.

Officers with the Hagerstown Police Department responded to room 104 in the hotel. They said four rounds went through the wall and entered two rooms across the hall.

“Upon arrival when they got there, they learned that there had been four shots fired from a specific room within the hotel. The officers responded to that room, made contact with the occupant of the room,” said Hagerstown Police Department’s public information officer, Heather Aleshire. 

The guest of the room was identified as 55-year-old Edward Schneider of Los Molinos, Calif. Officers said they located a handgun and shell casings in his room.

“The officers showed great restrain upon arrival there because when they did make contact with Mr. Schneider, he still had the handgun in his hand. They gave good verbal commands and in turn, no one was injured in this incident,” Aleshire said.

Schneider was arrested and charged with five counts of first and second-degree assault, three counts of reckless endangerment, handgun on a person, firearm in the use of a felony and destruction of a property worth $1,000.

Officers said they also found methamphetamine in the hotel room.

“Upon his arrest, there was a controlled dangerous substance found in his pocket that will be sent away to our lab, and at this point, the investigators are conducting search and seizure warrants both of his hotel room and his vehicle,” Aleshire said. 

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