Shenandoah County Circuit Court presents new budget proposal


The Shenandoah County Circuit Court says they need more staffing help and with the next fiscal year right around the corner they say it should fit right in with the budget. 

“Hectic, hectic” Karla Orttz, the Shenandoah County’s deputy clerk said.

That’s how workers described working in Shenandoah County’s circuit court. As a result, the circuit court’s clerk has planned a budget proposal; in hopes of getting at least two more full time workers. Even stats from the Virginia Supreme Court say they just don’t have enough employees for the work load.

“They have a gage where we can put in what our work load is and then it kind of calculates how many full time employees we should have and we are over two people down based on that work load,” Sarona Irvin, Shenandoah’s circuit court clerk said. 

She says on average her and her staff are working 12 hour days to get their work done. If a regular full-time employee works about 2080 hours in a year, the circuit clerk had calculated that her and her staff worked a combined 2000 additional hours to their regular work day last year.

“We do a lot of passport applications. We do a lot of concealed hand-gun permits marriage licenses. Recording deeds…its non-stop,” Orttz said.

“I try to get a lot done from 7 to 9 before we actually open the door and from five to seven when we close the doors and love helping the public, but you just never know what the public is bringing.” Irvin said.

Most of their work is done on the computer, with the programs only working from 7 a.m. to  7 p.m. making it hard to get all the work done while also serving the public, forcing them so get work done outside of those nine to five office hours.

 “I guess in my mind, the reason we generate that revenue is because we have the volume of work and if we have the volume of work we need the staff to complete that work.

The grand total for the budget proposal was about 550,000 with about 335 thousand of that money going towards the new employees that would be hired,” Irvin said.

And the county’s curcuit clerk says with this budget proposal at least 200 thousand dollars worth of revenue would still go back to the county.

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